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A PLACE for fun for everyone!

A PLACE for fun for everyone!

We welcome ALL to this inclusive toyshop specializing in unique children's goods.

Carefully curated items from smaller independent brands and makers.

Stock is constantly evolving, so visit often!


Hello all,

My name is Taber and I’m a Fort Wayne native.

I love it here and have always believed that this city has the potential for greatness.

I became a first time business owner back in 2015 with my first shop, Fancy & Staple.

My goal was to bring something cool to this city while doing something I love.

It’s that same passion and drive that initiated Hopscotch House....

and maybe my little 4yr old muse Eleanor had something to do with it too.

She is all things fun and full of kindness. I can’t think of a better inspiration than her!

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